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SURBAN, the database on
Sustainable urban development in Europe

List of all the cases


Aalborg: Implementing a comprehensive environmental plan for sustainability
Alphen aan den Rijn: Ecolonia - the Dutch test case for sustainable town planning
Amsterdam: Ecological Urban Renewal at the Wilhelmina Hospital Grounds
Arhus: Demonstrating ways of meeting urban ecological renewal needs
Barcelona: Renewal Project for the Ciutat Vella District
Basel: Setting up a building components exchange
Basel: Traffic management by transport that suits the city
Berlin: Combining the re-use of building components and job creation
Berlin: Ecological building renovation of a pre-fabricated housing complex
Berlin: Environment improvement concepts as a tool of information
Berlin: Environment improvement programme for small and medium-sized enterprises
Berlin: Linking energy saving policy and green employment scheme
Berlin: Model project of ecological urban renewal in Berlin-Kreuzberg
Berlin: STATTAUTO - Germany largest car-sharing company
Berlin: The ecological remediation programme
Berlin: The energy concept as a plan for energy saving
Berlin: The support programmes for an ecological economic policy
Berlin: Ufa-Fabrik - An International Center for Culture and Ecology
Bern: Air quality management and traffic policy
Bexley: Schools ecology areas project
Blackburn: The Groundwork network of environmental services
Bologna: The planning of an urban energy reduction scenario
Bremen: Urban district planning without cars
Catania: Integrating renewable energy use in urban renewal planning
Colmar: Guarded parking lots for bicycles - a project to re-integrate unemployed
Copenhagen: Comprehensive urban waste regulatory system
Copenhagen: Ecological models of urban renewal in the Vesterbro area
Copenhagen: Encouraging the use of bicycles
Copenhagen: Land use and transport planning
Copenhagen: Water saving strategies
Delft: Promoting the use of bicycle by systematic town planning
Doncaster: Earth Centre: an International Centre for Sustainable Development and Living
Dundee: Urban regeneration with a partnership approach
Dunkerque: Stimulating an integrated industrial and environment policy
Edinburgh: Promoting energy saving in low-income households
Emscher Park: International Building Exhibition (IBA)
Frankfurt: Energy consultancy as an instrument of climate protection policy
Freiburg: Low-energy Housing Construction Project
Freiburg: Public transport policy as a key element of traffic displacement
Freiburg: Sustainable Model City District Vauban
Galway: Inner city urban renewal and land use diversity
Glasgow: Accommodating environmental initiatives in a framework of job creating
Glasgow: Combining conservation and open space activities with employment
Glasgow: Combining energy saving activities and job creation policy
Glasgow: The Strathclyde Sustainability Indicators Project
Gloucester: Transport planning and the Safer City Project
Gothenburg: Environmentally friendly product development in the chemical sector
Gothenburg: Environmentally friendly product development in the lubricant sector
Gothenburg: The Eco Handbook project
Gouda: Making energy saving programmes work
Graz: Combining innovative recycling initiatives and job creation
Graz: Integrated planning of the municipal energy concept
Graz: The Cleaner production programme ECOPROFIT
Groningen: Integrated town planning and traffic policy
Guntramsdorf: Anningerblick - an ecological village
Hamburg: Water saving by water consumption control
Hannover: KUKA, Kronsberg Environmental Liaison Agency (EXPO 2000)
Hannover: Renovation of Multi-storey Flats, Rehbockstraße
Hannover: Kronsberg, a new sustainable development as part of EXPO 2000
Hannover: Least-cost planning in the commercial sector
Hannover: Public transport and urban planning
Hartberg: Ecopark for environmental businesses and explorative exhibitions
Heidelberg: The urban action programme for climate protection
Helsinki: Closing the nutrient circle - the collection of biowaste
Herning-Ikast: Two towns are joining together to develop a sustainable industial park
Horsens: Torsted Vest - a new and different neighbourhood
Kaliningrad: Improving environmental protection and public awareness
Kalisz: Financing the restructuring of the municipal bus transport devision
Karlsruhe: The Karlsruhe model of a dual-mode railway system
Kirklees: The application of an external and internal audit programme
Klagenfurt: Regarding the city as an ecosystem
Kolding: Integrated ecological urban renewal as a Danish test case
Krnov: A Better Environment for our Town
La Rochelle: Promoting an innovative traffic system
Lancashire County: Environmental Action Programme (LEAP)
Lancashire County: Promoting Sustainability by Green Auditing
Langenbruck: Ökozentrum (EcoCenter)for Appropriate Technology & Social Ecology
Leeds: LA 21, Environment City and Environmental Action Forum
Leicester: Energy saving policy as part of the environmental agenda
Leicester: The environment city project
Leiden: Noise abatement in the Netherlands as exemplified by Leiden
Leinefelde: The low-energy pilot project "Solar Building Leinefelde 2000"
Leipzig: Energy saving management as a tool of energy policy
Linz: Climate Protection Initiative
Luebeck: Linking noise abatement planning and traffic planning
Luxembourg: The Superdreckskescht special waste collection system
Machynlleth: Centre for Alternative Technology
Madrid: Improving ecological urban development by naturation of large building surfaces
Malmö: Bo01, City of Tomorrow: European Building Exhibition and sustainable
Malmö: Ekostaden Augustenborg Sustainable Regeneration of an urban neighborhood
Malmö: Local Agenda 21 Environmental Program and Action Plan
Midddelsbrough: LA 21 "Action 2020" Plan and Environment City
Nantes: The renaissance of the light rail transit system
Newcastle upon Tyne: Environmental planning and energy saving policies
Norwich: Norwich Area Transportation Study Area 2
Nuernberg (Nuremberg): Car-free living in a large scale estate
Oberhausen: Restructuring public transport in accordance with urban development
Oberwil: The Multi-family housing estate Stallenmatt
Odense: Noise abatement in Denmark as exemplified by Odense
Örebro: Shaping the environmental agenda in a medium-sized city
Peterborough: Local Agenda 21 and the Peterborough Envrionment City Trust
Prague: Parking management in the city centre
Puchenau: Puchenau II Garden City
Radomire: Energy efficiency in apartment buildings with individual heating
Rajec: Air quality improvement and energy saving
Rheinfelden: Cross-border Local Agenda 21 between Switzerland and Germany
Rotterdam: Transport demand management in the De Maas office complex
Saarbrücken: Solar and wind energy in the Saarbrücken energy concept
Saarbrücken: The energy concept as the basis for climate protection
Salzburg: Introducing a city-wide bio-waste collection system
San Sebastian: General mobility policy
Schiedam: Energy saving policy and integrated urban planning
Sesto Fiorentino: Integratig renewable energy use in development planning
Slagelse: The "Green City" - taking the initiative for ecologically sound urban
Sofia: Environmental management of Sofia suburban zone - ECOZONE Sofia-East
Sofia: Urban refurbishment through temporary employment and vocational training
Stjordal: "Practical Solidarity" - A programme turning pupils into energy saving pioneers
Stockholm: The people awareness approach
Storstroem County: The energy efficiency programme as a energy management system
Storstroem County: The green region project and sustainable development
Strasbourg: The business of recycling white goods and creating new jobs
Strasbourg: The tram as a key element of urban transport policy
Sundsvall: Eco-auditing and its bottom-up approach
Tallinn: Renovation of prefabricated buildings in Mustamäe district
The Hague: Integrated Municipal Environmental Management
The Hague: Local Agenda 21
The Hague: Transport demand management planning at the Dutch Transport Ministry
Tübingen: Biological building estate 'Auf dem Schafbrühl'
Turin: Managing revitalisation in the historical city centre
Uelzen: Train Station restored with Ecological and Cultural concepts from the Artist Hundertwasser
Utrecht: 'ABC' Planning as a planning instrument in urban transport policy
Varna: Urban Renewal and Reconstruction of Social Housing
Vienna: Larger customer management as an element of an energy saving policy
Vienna: The new concept for transport and city planning
Vienna: Waste minimization and recycling strategies
Viernheim: Urban development and energy policy
Warsaw: Reconstruction of Natolin Wyzyny Housing Estate
Ystad: Ecological cycles - Town and countryside in partnership
Zürich: Implementing an ecological waste management
Zürich: Managing the right combination of public transport